To help with planning your schedule for Spring 2020, please see the course offerings and schedules below. We have the courses listed two different ways. Schedule 1 lists the courses by ID number. Schedule 2 lists the courses in a weekly layout. (schedules are subject to change)

The course schedules below are for students in the MDiv, MAC residential, MAR, ThM, PhD, Cert programs, and Visiting students.

Registration for WI/SP20 will be open in Populi Nov 4-15.

Schedule 1

Schedule 2

Note for the semester

  • The Add/Drop period for all residential courses is February 3-12. (For all Greek and Hebrew courses, the last day to add is Feb 1)
  • The Add/Drop deadline for all online courses is March 2.
  • The SUM EVAL is scheduled for March 12 & 13.
  • CH 400/700 will only meet for the week of April 6-10.

For information about required textbooks and a semester schedule, please refer to the Student Syllabi folder.

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