To get a quick overview of how former practical theology courses changed in the new pastoral theology curriculum—whether in course title, course number, or term in which they're offered—we created a one-page change log (download here).

Core Courses


PT 111 - Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Ministry  

Preaching (MDiv Pastoral only)

PT 121 - Theology and Practice of Preaching | formerly, PT 123 - Homiletic Foundations
PT 221 - Expository Preaching from the NT | formerly, PT 221 - Expository Skills
PT 231 - Expository Preaching from the OT
PT 353 - Exposition & Sermon Delivery in Pastoral Ministry | formerly: PT 353 - Sermon Delivery

In certain limited cases,  MDiv General students (who began before fall 2020) may be allowed to join in the above preaching courses. Beginning fall 2020, however, these courses will be exclusive to MDiv Pastoral students only.


PT 123 - Gospel Communication | formerly, PT 123 - Homiletic Foundations


PC 111 - Introduction to Pastoral Counseling | formerly, PTC 361
PC 251 - Marriage Counseling in the Local Church | formerly, PTC 251 - Marriage Counseling (3 credits)
PC 323 - Peacemaking Pastor: The Ministry of Reconciliation 


PT 311 - Foundations for Leadership in the Local Church | formerly, PT 311 - Church Leadership and Pastoral Practice
PT 333 - Practices of Leadership in the Local Church | formerly, PT 332 - Seminar in Leadership

Evangelism & Missions 

PT 343 - Theology of Evangelism and Missions | formerly, PT 343 - The Church and Missions
PT 352 - Evangelism and Missions in the Local Church

Elective Courses


Church Revitalization  - Dr. Harry Reeder
Preparation for Ordination - Prof. Steven Carter (fall), Dr. Van Dixhoorn (winter)
The Classics of Christian Devotion - Dr. Van Dixhoorn
Church Polity in the Reformed Tradition - Dr. Van Dixhoorn
Worship - PT Faculty
Church Growth and Planting - Dr. Finn

Sample of Future Potential Electives

Exegesis of Revelation & Pastoral Ministry - Dr. Beale
Exegesis of Thessalonians & Pastoral Ministry - Dr. Beale
Preaching Christ from the OT - Dr. Gibson
Westminster Assembly & Pastoral Ministry - Dr. Van Dixhoorn
Pastoral Ministry in the Early Church - Dr. Van Dixhoorn
Pastoral Ministry in Calvin’s Geneva - CH Faculty
Campus Ministry  - Prof. Edwards
Leadership & Leadership Development - Dr. Currie 


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