Pastoral Theology curriculum update FAQ
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Who can I talk to about these changes?

Our academic support staff are eager to help! Just email us at or stop by our offices on the first floor of Machen Hall, just beyond the info desk.

What is the vision behind the curriculum update?

These changes are part of a larger strategic vision to strengthen Westminster's on-campus programs by enhancing its training for ministry. View the press release here for more.

How will the updates in the pastoral theology curriculum affect current MDiv students?

Current students will have nothing added to their course requirements. All MDiv emphases retain the same required courses in other departments (NT, AP, etc.) and allow for the same number of electives.

For most students, the pastoral theology curriculum revisions will mean that new electives in pastoral theology will be available, and some courses will change names and switch semesters (like PC 111 - Introduction to Pastoral Counseling). Our team is happy to work with you on suitable alternatives should any changes in these PT courses result in a difficulty for your academic plan. By fall registration (April 15), we will have reviewed each MDiv student's plan and will be fully prepared to guide students through the curriculum transition.

What are the new pastoral theology courses and when will they be offered?

Beginning fall of 2019 all required courses in the updated curriculum will be offered along with some new pastoral theology electives. 

Will MDiv counseling students still be able to take MAC courses online?

Yes! MDiv counseling students will still take online counseling courses required for the counseling emphasis. In some cases, it will also be possible to take courses residentially like Marriage Counseling in the Local Church if desired. The MDiv counseling course offerings will always be available for those in the counseling emphasis. 

Can I complete both the MDiv (General or Pastoral) and the MAC?

Yes, it is possible to complete both degrees, even concurrently. Up to half (30 credit hours) of the MAC online can be transferred in from the MDiv Pastoral or General Ministries, so the only MAC courses you would need to take are the online counseling (PTC) courses. To learn more about the MAC and to inquire about applying, please email or click here.

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