What is think-cell? How to download and use think-cell?

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What is it?

think-cell is a software that allows you to create charts within PowerPoint for complex data. The software is free for Westminster students, staff, and faculty members.

Why should you use it

  • Create charts such as waterfall, Gantt, and Mekko, in just 2-3 minutes

  • Spend 90% less time when making changes to your charts through automation

  • Impress your audience in your presentations

How to download

Click on this link to download the software. You will need to enter your WTS email address in the "Enter work email here" (for students, use your email address). Complete the steps thereafter.

Tutorial videos

To find personalized think-cell help, a searchable user manual, and targeted video tutorials, visit

  • Watch this think-cell overview video

  • Learn how to create your first chart in this video

  • See all of think-cell's 40+ chart types and features here

  • Learn how to link an Excel file to your think-cell PowerPoint chart and automate data updates here

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