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What is Excellence in Theological Writing?

A new MDiv and MAR writing elective & writing exam for incoming students

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Did you know that writing plays an important role in your education at seminary? It's how you express what you're learning and how your professors assess your understanding. Your ability to write clearly and persuasively is critical. And, after seminary, your ability to communicate the gospel clearly and accurately to a hungry world will also be critical. The Center for Theological Writing and the courses offered by the Theological English department exist to help students develop and practice the writing skills they need to navigate their degree program and serve the church with words after they graduate. One of the ways in which this is accomplished is by offering the Excellence in Theological Writing course.

All incoming students are required to take a theological writing exam at the start of their degree program. This exam reveals students’ knowledge of theological writing and its accompanying skills as they relate to the challenges of a Westminster degree program. The MDiv elective, Excellence in Theological Writing, will meet those challenges by teaching students to explain the theological importance of writing; use the theological genres; write a clear, well-structured essay; use grammar to make meaning more accurate and complete; and engage with sources thoughtfully and cite them appropriately.

We all aim to be faithful wordsmiths for the eternal Word (John 1:1), and Excellence in Theological Writing is a step in that direction. The course equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to continue developing as writers for the global church of Christ.

If you have any questions about the theological writing exam, please feel free to write to Pierce Hibbs, Associate Director for Theological Curriculum and Instruction, at

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