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Get the most out of online courses
Get the most out of online courses
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Being a successful online student requires learning some new habits and skills, including how to manage and engage in your online lecture videos. They contain the core of the content you will learn in courses, so it is important to learn the concepts well and optimize the learning experience for your growth!
With flexibility comes the responsibility to also manage your learning experience to be sure it promotes your focus and retention of the material. This is called developing your "video literacy," which means developing the skills necessary to engage and absorb information through the unique experience of video. Here are some tips:

  • Set aside time to dedicate attention to the video lectures. Focus is key, just as if you were reading an advanced book.

  • Don't try to multitask. Instead, try to focus on one full lecture at a time at least once through. Once you have engaged with a lecture the first time, feel free to listen or watch again while managing other tasks like washing dishes, exercising, etc.

  • Practice active listening by taking notes or outlining the discussions during the lectures. We provide course notebooks in each class which are helpful outlines to assist in active listening and note-taking.

  • Don't pack too much in at once. If you are watching an hour or more in a single setting, try to take frequent breaks (usually every 45–90 minutes), eat healthy snacks, and recap materials and notes throughout a session to absorb the information most efficiently.

When watching the videos, there are several features we think you will like including the ability to:

  • Watch videos at faster and slower speeds

  • Watch videos multiple times through the term to help master the material

  • Watch videos in sets, or spread them out across the term, whichever helps your learning. Note: You'll receive access to courses before the term officially begins, and you are welcome to begin videos early if it helps your schedule

  • Watch videos on multiple devices in multiple locations

We hope the lectures will provide you with new skills and concepts to be best equipped for ministry in any context!

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