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Summer & Fall 2023 Registration (Residential students)
Summer & Fall 2023 Registration (Residential students)
Registration for residential MDiv, MAR, ThM, DMin, and PhD programs
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Navigating your course options:

The schedules below include all courses being offered in our residential MDiv, MAR, PhD, ThM, and DMin programs. To help you know which courses are relevant to you:

  • DMin Courses: course codes beginning with "D" (ie: DEC 1). These courses are only available for students enrolled in the DMin program. Course codes ending in "K" (ie: PPK 1) are only available for Korean DMin students.

  • ThM & PhD courses: courses numbered 700 or higher (ie: AP 903) are advanced degree courses, and are reserved for students enrolled in the ThM or PhD programs. Master's level sections may be offered for these courses. Make sure to select the relevant course id when registering. Courses that are offered at both the MDiv/MAR and ThM/PhD levels often combine sections for lectures and other course requirements. ThM & PhD students have priority in enrolling for these courses.

  • MDiv & MAR courses: courses numbered 600 or below (ie: AP 603) are reserved for MDiv and MAR students.

  • MDiv Counseling courses: courses beginning with PTC are reserved for MDiv Counseling & MAC students only.

Online Course Policies:

  • Residential students can register for summer online courses beginning Monday, April 24th. Registration for the Fall online term will begin in July.

  • Students who matriculated in Spring 2021 or earlier can register for online courses in Populi during the registration period.

  • Students who matriculated after Summer 2021 who desire to take an online course should reach out to Student Success.

  • Students registering for an online course should take note of any class meeting times in order to make sure that it fits in with their residential course schedule.

  • Online courses are not permitted to be audited.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • April 17, 2023: Registration opens for residential Summer and Fall Courses (8am)

  • April 24, 2023: Registration opens for online Summer term

  • May 30, 2023: Summer-long Courses begin

  • September 6, 2023: Fall term begins

  • September 6-15, 2023: Add/Drop period for fall courses

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