Your degree audit in Populi can help you track your progress and see what courses and requirements remain for your program at Westminster.

To view your progress:

  • Log in to your Populi account and view your "Student" tab. The default view will show your transcript, which lists all the courses you have taken, your course grades, and your GPA.

  • Click the "Degree Audit" tab and select your degree to see the breakdown of your courses and requirements in your degree. Hint: You can also select other degrees in the dropdown menu to check out other programs and see how the courses you've taken map onto them.

  • Your degree audit is broken down by types of requirements. Each section can display either 'all' courses, 'completed', or 'not completed' courses. Courses in-progress appear under 'completed'. You can see below that the student has one of their language courses in progress:

  • If you open 'not completed' under 'elective courses', you may experience a doom scroll of electives. Don't worry, Westminster is not expecting you to complete them all. It's just Populi's way of letting you know what's possible.

  • Here's a quick look at the full movement through your audit:

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