Online MDiv & MAR
Dates for Summer and Fall 2021

Term Start and End Dates

  • Summer term: May 24 - August 28

  • Fall term: September 6 - December 18

Registration Dates

  • Registration begins April 5th
    Registration online via Populi for both Summer and Fall courses opens at 12:01 AM on April 5th. The registration period will be open until April 16 at midnight.

  • Add or drop courses until just after the term starts
    You can add or drop your courses via Populi for free until these dates:
    Summer deadline to add/drop: June 2
    Fall deadline to add/drop: September 17

  • Withdraw from courses is possible until about 2 weeks before classes end
    If you wish to withdraw from course, please email You will be assigned a "W" for the withdrawn course. If you withdraw from a course after the deadline, you will receive a failing grade.
    Summer deadline to withdraw: July 27
    Fall deadline to withdraw: November 18

Tuition Deadlines

  • Tuition is due the first day of class
    Tuition for each course is due on the first day of that course's term:
    Summer tuition is due: May 24
    Fall tuition is due: September 6

  • Refunds are available in-full until the add/drop deadline. After that, refunds are prorated.
    If you drop a course prior to the add/drop deadline, you will receive a full refund for that course's tuition. After that date, prorated refunds are available for withdrawals up until halfway through the term, after which no refunds are available.

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