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How to pay tuition in Populi
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Once you have registered for courses, you'll receive an invoice of your upcoming tuition expenses. To view these, you can go to your Populi dashboard and click the financial alert, or head over to the Financial tab on your student page.

To make a payment, go to the dashboard and click "Make a Payment". You can pay by credit card (processing fee applies) or checking account, and you can also send a link for another person (supporter, family member, etc.) to make a payment on your behalf by clicking "Someone else paying?".

If you plan to pay for your term using a student loan, you will first need to complete the loan request process to get your loan set up on your account. Once it has been set up, you will be able to see it under the "Pending Aid" column. If you need to set up a loan for the upcoming term, please email as soon as possible, as the loan process can take up to one week to complete.

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