Ministry must never be a solo endeavor. Even while at seminary, students who flourish do so because of a network of partners who encourage, support, and pray for their fruitfulness. Therefore, Westminster is introducing new resources—including training, dedicated staff —to help you build a network of partners committed to investing in your training. Building your network during seminary can provide crucial prayer and financial support, and help you transition more easily into ministry roles after graduation—many of which rely on support raising, and all of which depend on God’s people prayerfully supporting one another. We are excited to come alongside you as you invite others to partner with you in God’s calling on your life.

A support network equips you with:

  1. Relational care and accountability within the body of Christ

  2. Spiritual support through prayer and encouragement

  3. Financial investment in your training and future ministry

How do you raise this prayer and financial support? How do you charge those who can give, “to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share?”

The Westminster Stewardship Department can help you answer these questions.

Beginning with a Biblical imperative to seek out investors into your ministry and call as

seminarian, future pastor, teacher, or counselor, you will understand this investment is

truly into the Kingdom of Christ. This should motivate the saints toward support, and

motivate you to take their investments seriously for the cause of Christ.

Our stewardship best-practices, messaging, and financial planning scenarios will get you started. And we’re convinced if we help you spread this message, you will receive the support you need to be successful at Westminster – financially and spiritually.

We recognize that raising financial support may be more difficult for some students than others due to context or connections. We're committed to working with you along the way.

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