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An overview of the Mentored Ministry requirements for MDiv students

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Mentored Ministry is designed to put our distinctive MDiv curriculum to practice in key areas of ministry alongside the support of trusted ministry leaders. Our prayer is that the feedback and oversight you receive will lead to genuine growth in the development of your skills as well as your character, sanctification, and humility throughout your time in seminary and beyond.

What is Mentored Ministry?

Mentored Ministry is made up of two major components: Mentored Ministry Modules and Mentored Ministry Seminars. Before graduation, you must complete a total of four modules and four seminars.

Note: You cannot complete the same module more than two times. The Personal and Spiritual Growth module may only be completed once.

Four Mentored Ministry Modules

After identifying a personal mentor, you will complete four modules, one module at a time. There are six types of modules to choose from:

  1. Preaching

  2. Teaching

  3. Private Ministries (e.g., counseling, discipleship, evangelism)

  4. Church Leadership

  5. Personal and Spiritual Growth

  6. Other

Every module will include a list of activities for you and your mentor to complete. Modules will take place during the span of a semester and thus will take about 10-12 weeks to complete. You should expect to spend at least 20 hours on each module.

Four Mentored Ministry Seminars

Mentored Ministry Seminars provide a designated time for you to focus on what you are learning in your modules alongside the support of fellow students and an instructor who is also an experienced ministry leader. These seminars may often be combined, allowing students at varying levels of degree progress and seminar completion to interact with one another.

You will register for these seminars just like you would any other course in Populi. These half-credit courses will count toward your degree and should be completed at the same time you are working on a module.

When should I work on Mentored Ministry?

The activities within the Mentored Ministry Modules will build on the material presented in your introductory courses. You may begin registering for seminars and completing your modules once that foundation has been laid and you are ready to begin working on a module with your mentor.

Modules and seminars should be completed concurrently. In other words, you are required to complete a module while you are registered in a seminar and you must register for a seminar when you are planning on completing a module.

Modules and seminars should be completed during semesters that works for you and your mentor. Nevertheless, we encourage you to spread them throughout your time in the program. A sample schedule for the completion of modules/seminars can be found within your suggested degree track.

Find a Personal Mentor

The first step in Mentored Ministry includes finding a personal mentor to support you throughout your modules. This mentor may not be a friend or family member, but must be an experienced leader who is able to provide feedback and support as you complete various ministry-related activities. Mentors should be able to provide 1-2 hours of their time every week throughout the duration of the student’s time completing their Mentored Ministry Module (about 12 weeks each).

Complete Prerequisites

You may begin working on your Mentored Ministry Modules and Mentored Ministry Seminars after you have completed all of the following prerequisites:

  • PT 111 - Intro to Pastoral Ministry and Theology

  • PC 111 - Intro to Pastoral Counseling

  • PT 121 - Theology of Preaching or PT 123 - Gospel Communication

Register for a Mentored Ministry Seminar

Once you have completed the perquisites and identified a personal mentor, you are ready to complete a module and register for a Mentored Ministry Seminar.

Complementary Courses

Certain courses pair well with particular modules. We recommend taking the following courses while completing a module/seminar.


  • Expository Preaching of OT

  • Expository Preaching of NT

Private Ministries

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Peacemaking Pastor

  • Theology of Evangelism and Missions

  • Evangelism and Missions in the Local Church

  • Christian Ethics


  • Expository Preaching of OT

  • Expository Preaching of NT

  • AP, ST, NT, OT Courses

Church Leadership

  • Foundations of Leadership in the Local Church

  • Practices of Leadership in the Local Church

  • Christian Ethics

  • Biblical Theology of Worship

  • Church Growth & Planting

Personal and Spiritual Growth Module

  • Foundations of Leadership in the Local Church

  • Practices of Leadership in the Local Church

For any additional questions you may have regarding Mentored Ministry, please reach out to

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