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Setting up a payment plan in Populi
Setting up a payment plan in Populi
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Once your tuition has been invoiced, you'll have the opportunity to make payments on your account in Populi. From this platform, you also have the option to select a payment plan that will spread out the cost of your tuition across a given term.

We have two standard payment plans to choose from:

  • Two installment plan - Half of your tuition will be due on the first day of the term, with the final balance being due at the end of the term

  • Four installment plan - Four equal monthly payments, spanning the course of a term.

To set up one of these plans on your account, head to the "Make a Payment" tab on your financial dashboard just as if you would normally be making a tuition payment.

From the payment screen, fill out the information requested and then head to the bottom of the page and select the option for "Choose a payment plan."

You'll notice a message that reads "No payment plans are available for these invoices." You must select the term where you are applying the payment plan before you can select the plan you prefer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The dates listed for the "Estimated Future Payments" once you select a payment plan may not be accurate. However, the dates will correct themselves after you select "begin payment plan" such that your first payment will be due on the first day of that term's courses.

Once you've selected the payment plan you would like to apply, simply select "Begin Payment Plan" to complete the process. Your tuition payments will then be automatically withdrawn from the payment method you choose on the indicated dates.

For additional questions regarding payment plans and tuition or to set up a custom plan, please reach out to

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