Westminster has designed a unique, private edition of Facebook for our online learning community. We have taken "Workplace by Facebook" and converted it into a higher education platform for our program. The result is an easy-to-use platform and amazing mobile apps, all private and entirely separate from the regular "Facebook" site.

All faculty, students, and staff meet here to connect with peers, share resources, message and video chat, and more. You’ll eventually find groups forming around student interests, job and ministry opportunities, alumni, and more.

View your class group page

The Westminster staff will add you to your class groups at the beginning of each term. Shortcuts to your courses are listed on the left panel.

Most importantly, you will come to this course group on Workplace to see the posted video responses from your instructors to your small group questions. You will use your class group to discuss course content with the other students and faculty enrolled in the course. Feel free to post to the main news feed in the center with questions and revelations you have as you work through your course content!

Hear important announcements and connect with the online community at WTS

Within Workplace, we have created a number of groups that you will be automatically added into prior to the start of your first term. The content of these groups can vary from school-wide and program-specific announcements, to updates from your Online Dean of Students, and even to open platforms for communicating with the larger community of students. Feel free to connect with peers across the student body. You will see other student interests groups created that you are welcome to join and interact with. You can also create groups of friends or peers to stay connected and chat with throughout the semester.

Mobile apps

The mobile apps are an excellent way to stay connected and communicate with peers and discussions. Note that you do not use the regular Facebook apps, but a special set listed below. Simply sign in to these with your Workplace account credentials.

Main app: Search "Workplace" on your app store
Messaging-focused app: Search "Work Chat" on your app store

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