Introduction to Canvas
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Canvas is our primary classroom tool. It's accessible from any device and allows you to access your course materials, including:

  • Video lectures, syllabi, readings, assignments, and more

  • Small group assignments with links to your group's dedicated online study room for video meetings

  • Course notifications and announcements from faculty

​Using Canvas

You can access Canvas at where you will sign in with your Populi username and password.

Upon signing in to Canvas, you will be directed to your Dashboard, which shows your current courses, upcoming deadlines, assignments, and notifications.

To view course-specific lectures and materials, click on a course to see a week-by-week breakdown of course content and assignments. The left sidebar offers various other tools and options, including a calendar and the Inbox feature where you can contact faculty.

*Please note that Google Chrome is preferred browser to use for Canvas

Mobile apps

The Canvas mobile app is a great way to watch video lectures and keep up with course calendars and notifications from your phone, tablet, or other mobile device. Just search for "Canvas Student" in your device's app store and look for the Canvas Student app by Instructure Inc.

Note about videos on mobile: If you are using your mobile data connection to watch course videos, please note that you are using your mobile data plan and will be responsible for that activity if your plan has data limits or costs associated with it. Also, while our newly designed classes have been optimized for streaming on mobile connections, any older lectures over 2 hours in length may not stream well on an average LTE mobile connection.

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