Supporters can contribute in a variety of ways. Paying through Populi or sending checks directly to Westminster are the preferred methods.

Preferred Methods

1) Populi – Your ministry partners are able, and encouraged, to give directly through Populi’s tuition payment system on your behalf (see instructions below). This is the simplest method for all parties involved, as the funds are immediately applied to your tuition and require no additional evidence to be counted towards the matching scholarship.

2) Check Your ministry partners can write a check directly to Westminster Theological Seminary. If this method is used, the memo line of the check should have your full name and a note designated that the money is for tuition. Additionally, whether the gift is for a single semester or the entire year should be noted. This could be included in a note accompanying the check.

Alternative Methods

For alternative methods, it is important to note that you, the student, are responsible for reporting the gifts you raise to your Stewardship Coach so that they can record the gift and ensure that it gets counted towards Westminster’s matching scholarship. Send your Stewardship Coach an email at containing the name of the partner, the amount of the gift, and material evidence of the gift (e.g., a picture, scan, or screenshot of the payment method verifying its purpose towards your tuition).

1) Personal Check – Your ministry partner may write a check to you, which you can then deposit and use to pay your tuition through Populi yourself. Send your Stewardship Coach a picture of the check before you deposit it as proof that the funds were received through your support network.

2) Payment Apps – Payments can be made to you via services such as Venmo, Cash App, etc. Be sure to send screenshots of the payments to your Stewardship Coach. Note that the subject line of the payment must demonstrate that the gift is made to you to support your education at Westminster (e.g., “Westminster Tuition”).

3) Third-party Fundraising Platforms – You are welcome to use third-party fundraising platforms such as Fundly, GoFundMe, etc. to build support. Your fundraising campaign on these platforms must show that their purpose is to support your education at Westminster. Send relevant links/screenshots to your Stewardship Coach as evidence of these gifts.

Paying through Populi

1) After Logging in, click “My Profile”

2) Once in your profile, click “Financial”

3) Within the financial window, on the right you’ll see a button that says “Make a payment”. Below that button you’ll find text that reads “Someone Else Paying?” Click that link. This will bring up a shareable link where people can access your account to pay. This link is only good for 30 days.

This link is cumbersome, so you might consider using a link shorting service like bitly or tinyurl to condense it.

Viewing Your Scholarship In Populi

Gifts you receive for your tuition will be applied to the next consecutive semester, so take note of the tuition deadline each semester and ensure you raise the support in time. The matching funds will be disbursed to you at the end of the add/drop period of each semester. If you raise more than the maximum match in a term, funds may roll over until the next term. Any support funds raised remaining upon graduation will be donated to Westminster's general scholarship fund.

The Matching Scholarship will appear in your Populi account with a "0.00" balance. Once funds are raised & documented (as noted above), we will update your balance on a monthly basis. Final match amounts will be added to your account the day following the add/drop period each semester.

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