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Planning Your Degree With Stellic

Check here for any questions on how to navigate and use Stellic

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What is my username and password?

To log into Stellic, you’ll use the username and password that you use to log into Canvas and Populi.

What is the difference between Populi, Canvas, and Stellic?

Populi is the platform in which your official student record and transcript are located. You will register for courses and pay your tuition here.

Canvas is the location where you will complete your coursework. You’ll find the materials for your courses as well as submit assignments and take quizzes and exams here.

Stellic is the place where you can review your degree audit and plan out your degree. You and your advisor will both have access to your plan and can use this tool in conversations about the completion of your degree.

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor will be listed in Stellic. This person is here to help you complete your degree and can answer any questions you may have about the best way to sequence your requirements.

For MDiv and MAR students, your advisor is a member of the Student Success team who is an expert in your degree program. ThM, PhD, and DMin students also have a faculty advisor who can assist with their research as well as speak into the overall degree program. All students are encouraged to reach out to the Student Success team for help planning out their degree.

How do I use Stellic?

Once you log in you'll be able to see your current degree audit in the “Track Progress” tab - the courses and requirements you’ve completed so far and the ones that are remaining. You also can plan future semesters by using the “Plan your Path Tab”!

The toolbar on the left will help you navigate Stellic:

If you have questions while you’re in the platform, click the ? icon at the top of your window to search the database of help articles. Or you can click the chat bubble icon on the bottom left of the window to be connected directly with the Stellic team.

How do I read the degree progress bar?

The green bar indicates courses that you have already completed. The golden yellow bar indicates courses that are currently in progress (in the Planned view, this will include all courses you have added to your plan, and in the Official view, it will include courses for which you are registered but have not yet completed). The gray bar indicates the remaining number of courses you need to fulfill the various requirements in your plan.

How do I plan my degree?

There are two different ways in which you can plan out your degree. To get started, you’ll want to go into the “Planner” section of Stellic, by either clicking on “Go to planner” from the home screen or “Plan Your Path” on the left sidebar.

Online students please note: the course schedule for multiple years in the future is still being finalized. It may be best to start by only planning your next year or two of courses.

Option 1: Drag and Drop

On the right side of the planner screen, you’ll see a list of remaining requirements for your degree. Simply click on the requirement you’d like to plan and drop it into the term in which you’re planning on taking it.

Option 2: Select a Pathway

A Pathway is a recommended sequence of courses for an individual degree program and are equivalent to the recommended course schedules we have created for our programs.

You can see the pathways that are available to you by clicking "Pathways" on the left side bar. From there, you can select one and apply it to your degree!

What do I do if something doesn’t seem right in my degree audit?

If you feel something needs to be corrected or updated, please reach out to the Student Success team at to discuss what you’re seeing and they can help figure out what’s going on!

Note: You can also request to make an exception on any piece of your degree audit if you feel a course is not mapped correctly.

If I make a plan/add a different degree program in my degree planner, does that make it official?

No. Stellic is a planning tool. While you will be able to view your degree requirements and drag and drop future courses into your plan to see what is possible, you still need to confirm with the Student Success team to make sure that your plan will keep you on track to graduate.

Also, your official student record is still in Populi, so no changes are official until they have been made in that system.

How do I ask my advisor to review my plan?

Contacting your advisor is easy in Stellic! You can click the envelope icon on the top right of your profile to send a message to your advisor. You can also click the Request to Review button at the top of your plan, which will send a notice to your advisor to review what you’ve done and provide any necessary feedback about your plan.

What if I have more questions that aren't answered here?

If you have any additional questions that are not addressed above, please reach out to, where a member of our Student Success team will be able to help.

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