ThM Online Pilot

Westminster is piloting several online ThM courses during academic year 2021-2022, and we’re offering these courses at 50% of the normal cost of a ThM course while we're in test phase. Expect all the usual rigor, depth, and small-class discussion of our advanced seminars, now delivered in an online mode. While the pilot phase means we’re still finalizing aspects of the program, you’ll be able to finish your studies in a variety of ways.

Below are our upcoming online ThM pilot courses:


  • Dr. Sinclair Ferguson - The Life and Theology of John Owen

  • Dr. Todd Rester will teach Reformed Confessions and Catechisms in January as a traditional week-long modular intensive.


  • Dr. Brandon Crowe - The Gospel of Mark

  • Dr. Nate Shannon with Dr. Bill Edgar - Christianity and Culture

  • Dr. Sinclair Ferguson - Scottish Theology

Click here if to view the full list of upcoming ThM and PhD courses.

What do our online ThM courses look like?

This depends on the course. For instance, an exegetically heavy course like the Gospel of Mark will meet weekly (twelve times) in the spring to discuss translation work and exegetical issues, and our Christianity and Culture course will offer a series of high-production videos of Dr. Edgar as well as from Dr. Shannon. Then, during spring break, the class will meet in a series of intensive discussions. So, in these two courses, we have two different models: the first includes a weekly commitment to exegetical discussion and the other is more go-at-your-own pace, until the week of seminars.

Who teaches online ThM courses?

For each of our pilot courses, the professor in the videos (if videos are part of the course) is also the professor teaching the courses. That is, you might view 6-10 hours of their lecture videos, and then you join the same professor in seminar discussion and research advising. In this way, the video doesn’t replace the professor, but it can allow for (1) semester-long reference of key introductory material as well as (2) other innovations in how we construct our instruction and discussion time.

Why pilot online ThM courses?

Our goal is to learn more about how our advanced degree courses—with small seminars and research—can retain all the usual deep rigor while also opening access to broader geographical circles.

Which path would you take?

Transfer up to 4 courses from the MDiv or MAR

Beginning this year, we’ve expanded the transferability of the Westminster MDiv or MAR, so that you can now apply up to four of your MDiv or MAR electives toward your ThM.

If you bring four courses into your ThM you would find yourself already half-way through the 8-course program. That means you could take 1-2 courses per year and still complete in two years.

How does the transfer work?

If you’ve taken a ThM elective (let’s say you took Public Theology, Free Will, or The Gospel of John), you could transfer those courses into the ThM in one of two ways:

  1. If you took your course at the ThM-level for three credits, simply tell us you would like to transfer these into the ThM, and that’s it!

  2. If you took your course at the MA-level for two credits (e.g., your Public Theology course has a course ID below 700 like AP 603 and not AP 903), you first need to upgrade the course to the ThM level. In most cases, this is completed by developing your research paper to the ThM-level requirements. That upgrade work can be done at any point in your program.

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