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Understand the "Cost of Attendance" in Populi
Understand the "Cost of Attendance" in Populi
Written by Rebecca Oursler
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The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a broad estimate of one year of expenses based on your program including tuition, general calculation of living expenses, and books/supplies. The COA is used in relation to the FAFSA form to determine your Federal Aid eligibility. Because we are a graduate program only school, the only federal aid that is available are federal graduate unsubsidized loans and graduate plus loans. We use the COA to determine the maximum eligibility for federal loans - meaning you can't borrow more than the COA for your program in a given academic year. It is by no means, the amount that you actually pay for school. And because we use a general calculation for living expenses based on the cost of living in our area of the country, your living expenses will vary depending on your living situation.

Why is it on my account?

The federal government requires a COA calculated for every student receiving aid.

For the 2023-24 academic year, the Cost of Attendance is as follows:

Full-time study

  • Pastoral Fellows MDiv $84,487

  • Residential General MDiv and MAR: $69,627

  • Online MDiv and MAR: $54,677

  • ThM: $60,387

  • PhD: $63,987

  • MAC: $57,177

  • MATS $59,877

Part-time study

  • Residential General MDiv and MAR: $52,007

  • Online MDiv and MAR: $45,277

  • ThM: $51,587

  • PhD: $53,987

  • DMin: $46,460

  • KDMin: $11,980

  • MAC: $47,127

  • MATS: $ 47,877

Remember, this is by no means the amount we require you to pay for tuition for your year, but is supposed to be an estimate of what being a student in your program will cost for the academic year.

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