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Enrolling in ThM Capstone Courses
Enrolling in ThM Capstone Courses
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Capstone courses may include any course within the student’s concentration, including independent studies, even if the student has already taken the maximum two independent studies as part of their six baseline ThM courses. The major research paper substitutes for the normal course paper and should be 30-35 pages in length. The student should meet with the professor 1 or 2 times throughout the semester to receive guidance on this paper. The paper will count toward the grade for the capstone course and will appear with a corresponding pass/fail grade on a student’s transcript. Capstone courses are charged at the same tuition rate as a regular ThM course.

The deadline to request to make a course a capstone is the add/drop deadline. Students must first secure approval from the instructor of the course to make a course a capstone with a major research paper. Any student wishing to complete a capstone course which is not within the student’s concentration will need to seek approval from his or her advisor as well as the instructor of the course. Then, the student must submit proof of the professor’s approval along with an official request to Academic Support by the add/drop deadline. If the student fails to follow the outlined steps or meet the deadline, the request may be denied.

Note: A student can only enroll in a capstone course after he or she has successfully completed the research language exam.

A student who began his or her program prior to the 2021-22 academic year may enroll in a capstone course prior to completing the research language.

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