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Summative Evaluation - for online MAR students
Summative Evaluation - for online MAR students
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The Summative Evaluation is an important part of your experience in the MAR program. Not only does the evaluation allow the seminary to assess the program’s effectiveness in helping you achieve the program-level objectives, it also gives the seminary the ability to measure whether you are meeting these objectives and assess your knowledge of the material in the program.

More importantly, the Summative Evaluation is incorporated into the program to give you the opportunity to immediately apply the materials you learn in class to a personal and tangible product that would be valuable for your own personal life, work, and/or ministry. You will also have the advantage of having your project reviewed by select adjunct faculty for additional, valuable feedback.

There are three options you will have to choose from for your Summative Evaluation:

  1. The Comprehensive Exam

  2. The Integrative Thesis

  3. The Capstone Project

You will want to begin thinking about your Summative Evaluation early on in your program, as you will need to submit a proposal based on which of the above three options you would like to select.

After completing NT 123, you will be added to Summative Evaluation course module in Canvas that contains the full requirements and additional information.

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