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If you have completed other academic work which you believe could count towards your degree at Westminster,  you are welcome to submit a transfer of credit request.

Transfer Credit Request

To submit a request to transfer credit to your Westminster degree, you will need to complete the following steps.

  1. Complete the transfer credit request form

  2. Request an official transcript to be sent to the registrar's office (if you did not have one sent in your admission application)

  3. Provide the registrar's office with the course descriptions for the year you completed the course 

Once we have all of the necessary information from you, the registrar's office will be able to process your request. The standard processing time for transfer of credit requests is 4 weeks. 

If you have completed courses at Reformed Episcopal Seminary (RES), please review the Transfer Credit section in our Catalog for additional information.

Disclaimer: Westminster does not transfer more than the number of credits required for a student’s degree and emphasis. Therefore, approved transfer credit accordingly reduces the number of credit hours required at Westminster. Conversely, courses taken at Westminster that are the equivalent of courses for which transfer credit was previously approved will accordingly reduce the approved transfer credit. 

Transfer credit approval is dependent upon the nature and quality of the work, contingent upon a student’s successful acceptance into a degree program, and not effective or applied until successful completion of a student’s introductory semester or term.

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