After several fruitful years of collaboration, Westminster is phasing out of the ThM at the Pastors' Academy. 

Westminster and the Pastors' Academy are working together to maintain the same high-level course offerings as well as thesis and academic advising for the successful completion of your degree.

Course work 

Course options for WTS London ThM students will include:

  • WTS courses at its Philadelphia campus
  • Courses at the Pastors’ Academy
  • Up to 2 online 'Greystone Connect' courses

Westminster Philadelphia
: As a London ThM student, you may join in any week-long ThM module on Westminster’s Philadelphia campus as long as it fits in your degree plan. Tuition for such courses will be reduced to the cost of a London ThM module. For more information on upcoming modules, click here. 

And, as always, you may request to work one-on-one with a WTS instructor in an independent study.

Westminter's London course fee for 2018-19 is £740.


Thesis Supervision 

Academic and thesis advising will also continue through Westminster at the Pastors’ Academy. 

The process for writing and submitting a ThM thesis from London will not change.

Two-Course Capstone

As a London ThM student, it is possible for you to substitute the thesis with two additional courses (in historical theology) with major papers. If you choose to complete the degree with two additional courses, the preferred way for you to do this is by completing an independent study with your WTS faculty advisor or by coming to WTS’s Philadelphia campus for a ThM module. 

Note: The transition plan is currently pending approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools.

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