Dissertation submission steps
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  1. Early-September: Attend a required format workshop with the CTW and the Library.

  2. Acquire an editor no later than October 1st (optional). Requests made after this date may not be fulfilled.

  3. December 15th: Submit one copy of your completed dissertation to your advisor. Send a PDF to support@wts.edu, so our support team can log your completion. Your advisor will review and approve the dissertation for final submission.

  4. January 30th: Submit a PDF copy of your dissertation to support@wts.edu. Please also submit one hard copy bound in a three-ring binder and printed on one side only for the format review.

    Send to:
    c/o Myranda Scherschligt
    Academic Support Office, 1st floor, Machen Hall
    Westminster Theological Seminary
    2960 Church Road
    Glenside, PA, 19038

  5. Pay the dissertation fee (due upon submission, January 30th).

  6. We will distribute your dissertation to the following reviewers: (a) the format review team (Professors Sandy Finlayson and Leslie Altena), (b) your second reader (WTS faculty member in your field), and (c) your external reader.

  7. The format review team will complete an initial format check-in. If you pass this initial check-in, they will continue on to do a full format review. If you fail this initial check-in, you will be required to make changes and resubmit a new hard copy by March 1st.

  8. Schedule and complete your oral defense (typically end of March through mid-April)

  9. Review feedback from reviewers and the format team and edit your dissertation. You will receive written feedback from your readers within one business day after the defense. You will receive a full report from the format review team by April 15th.

  10. Submit final hard copies to Myranda by May 1st.
    - One copy on 20-24 lb, 100% cotton, 8 1/2" white paper
    - One copy on regular printer paper
    - No hole punches on either copy

  11. Complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED).

Note: When submission deadlines fall on a weekend, the deadline will be moved to the following Monday.

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