How do I schedule the exam?

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Comp. exams should be scheduled in the final semester of your degree (and after submission of your thesis). The comp. exam will be scheduled during the reading period.

Biblical Studies

Typically biblical studies ThM students (NT, OT) must complete their program with the 'two-course capstone' and the comprehensive exam. Since there is no thesis, the comprehensive exam normally focuses on common threads throughout your coursework.

New Testament

For the exam, have a general understanding of NT introductory matters and NT theology. Review Carson and Moo and be familiar with the overall content of each NT book. Also you will be accountable for translating Greek in John's Gospel, Ephesians, and Revelation, and you will be asked to analyze the textual apparatus.

Old Testament

Have a general understanding of OT introductory matters and theology (e.g. What are the different views of wrote the Pentateuch? Why does it matter? Why is Joshua - 2 Kings often called the "Deuteronomic History? etc.) along with Hebrew translation and basic text critical understanding.  Review OT introductions like Dillard and Longman and be ready to translate some Hebrew. Use this study guide for preparation.

Historical & Theological Studies

Typically historical or theological studies ThM students (AP, ST, CH)  complete their program with the thesis or two-course capstone and the comprehensive exam. If you are submitting a thesis, the comprehensive exam normally acts as a kind of mini-'defense', in which you may be asked to clarify or extend discussions from your thesis. We recommend connecting with your advisor for more specifics

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