The Ministry Partnership Match Scholarship is a new scholarship launching in Fall 2021. It offers a unique opportunity for students receiving financial and spiritual support to receive matching funds from Westminster. This program seeks to help students develop a network of supporters who back your ministry in prayer and finances, as able.

If awarded, Westminster will match funds raised in support for your tuition. The amount Westminster matches has an upper limit, and varies by degree program and campus. However, money raised beyond that upper limit still is attributed to your account.

Donations made directly to you or on your behalf for your tuition are not tax deductible.

Please note that support given in exchange for services rendered cannot legally be matched. Any work that you complete for anyone (including your church) must either be on a volunteer basis, or in addition to your regular payroll. You are not permitted to receive payment in the form of tuition support.

Connect with your Student Success team to see if you qualify for this new scholarship!

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