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Submitting a PhD Dissertation Proposal
Submitting a PhD Dissertation Proposal
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Dissertation proposals can only be submitted when the student has successfully completed both written and oral comprehensive examinations.

The student should submit a thorough and well organized proposal of his or her planned dissertation topic. The proposal should be five (5) pages in length, and include a bibliography. The bibliography should not be counted in the five (5) pages. One (1) page of the student's proposal should be devoted to a chapter outline. The total page count of the proposal and the bibliography should be no more than 15 pages.

The student should discuss his or her proposal with his or her advisor prior to submitting the proposal for official review. The student should submit his or her dissertation proposal via email as a PDF to the Dean of Biblical and Theological Studies, Dr. Stephen Coleman and Cc the Program Manager, Myranda Scherschligt and the student's advisor. If the work is satisfactory, the proposal will be sent to the entire field committee for review. The student will be notified of the decision by the Program Manager and/or the student's advisor.

The dissertation proposal must be approved within one semester of sustaining the comprehensive exams.

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